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News Flash!

  • This project has now officially been renamed to 'Sprog'
  • The new project home page (linked above) is now hosted on SourceForge
  • You can access a public CVS repository via the new site

The information below is only being retained for historical purposes.


This is the interim project home page for pstax.

The slides for my lightning talk at the OSDC Conference are here.

I've also put together a video. It plays OK using mplayer under Linux, but I haven't managed to get it to play on my Windows box :-(

Of course what you probably want to do is download the code. I'm billing this as a 'pre-alpha' release, which means:

Having said that, if you have a recent version of Perl-GTK and you do manage to get this code to run then I hope you have some fun with it and I'd value your feedback (use my CPAN email address).

The next steps are to come up with a proper name for the project (it won't be called pstax) and then get set up on SourceForge.