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Kid Stuff

Here are some drawing puzzles to keep the kids amused. Print them out on paper and set to work with a pencil. They are arranged roughly in order of degree of difficulty:

Make Your Own

I wrote this Perl script to make the puzzles. You can download the script and use it to transform any image to a shuffled grid puzzle. Black and white line art works best but you can try anything you like.

The script uses the ImageMagick Perl module. Under Windows, I used ActiveState Perl and the ImageMagick PPM built by Dylan Beatties (apparently the latest Win32 distribution of ImageMagick comes with a PPM). If you're running an operating system other than Windows, then you're no doubt smart enough to install the relevant modules yourself.

Once you have the relevant modules installed, you run the script like this:

perl makegrid.pl filename.gif

The named file (GIF, JPEG, PNG, etc) will be read in and a new file called 'composite.gif' will be created.