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Grant McLean's Home Page

Sadly, I don't update this web site very often, so you won't find much about me here. If I posted regular updates anywhere it would probably be in my shiny new blog or my older use.Perl journal - but I don't. If I posted photos anywhere, it would probably be on my Flickr page - but I don't. I have been known to post on Twitter - but not often. If you were stalking me, you might want to check on Perl Monks or SourceForge, but I haven't had much time for those recently (too busy learning Ruby).

The newest addition here is the Unicode Character Finder which is a JavaScript tool for searching/browsing the Unicode character charts.

I used to maintain this site to provide information about XML::Simple but everything you need is on CPAN (including the FAQ).

Back in the 'old days', some people cared about Browser Safe Colours so I put together a JavaScript utility for trying out combinations of text and background colours. If you find it useful, you can also download it.

I've also written a couple of games you can play in your browser. JSDice is the latest one and is targetted at kids in the 4-6 age group. JSLines is my remake of a classic for older 'kids'.